How to display numbers on robot brain?

I am going to test my code soon, and need to know how to display a number or variable we are keeping track of on the brain. This is to see if it is correct and there are no errors.

We want to test our Odom code and want to display the Odom angle value on the brain.
Can someone explain how to do this? Thanks!

with vexcode, you can use brain.screen.print()

You can display data on the brain using the print method of the screen object (which is in the Brain class).

Depending on your usage, you can use this method alongside clear_screen/clear_row and set_cursor to make dynamic updates to the text being displayed on the screen.

The example above displays the code to

  1. Print the text “This is an example of printing text on the brain”
  2. Clear the text from the screen
  3. Print the value of the variableToPrint variable