How to do Pure Pursuit

Hello! I am Isaac, an Alumni from 1082X. I am now on a VEXU team called VNGRD. I have been working on developing my own Pure Pursuit code for the past year with the intention of fully releasing a complete document that explains everything about it and I have finally completed it. the name is “Monke Pursuit”, and no there isn’t any particular reason why i name it that, just couldn’t think of a name so i went with that. Anyways I’m sharing this in the hopes that it helps everyone actually accomplish something that is thought of as hard when in reality i promise its not that hard. One last thing is that I don’t believe this is 100% the best way to go about it so if you see me go about something that may seem stupid or hard, id appreciate it if you would be nice about it as I’m still learning myself. In saying that if you have an idea or questions about it please reply here or contact me through the contact information tab on the notebook. Anyways here you are and hope you enjoy


Can you share a pdf version? I’m having trouble accessing the Microsoft notebook.

I will upload a PDF version a bit later today

Here is the requested PDF file
Monke Pursuit.pdf (1.6 MB)