How to download programs wirelessly

How do I download a program to a Cortex wirelessly? I get the impression from that I can download programs to my Cortex wirelessly. I have followed the instructions but, when I try to do a wireless download, I get a message saying “No communication link available to Vex device” I have a key with the latest firmware plugged into the Cortex. I have tried the download with the other key in the controller or in a USB port on my computer and either get the message I mentioned previously or the download does nothing. Can someone please tell me what needs to be plugged in where to get a program to download wirelessly.

Many thanks

I don’t know if you have done the following yet, but the correct way to program/debug the robot wirelessly is to have a joystick (which is on and linked with the robot) plugged into your computer. To do that, you need to have a programming cable kit connecting the joystick to the computer. Attached is a graphic showing how to set up both wired and wireless programming. The top portion shows how to set up wireless programming.

ROBOTC does not support programming wirelessly using the VEXnet keys alone, so if you don’t use a joystick with the robot, it’s not possible to wirelessly program the robot at all.

I recently wrote a detailed post on how to do this:

Also, this only works (a) in RobotC, and (b) if you are using the Programming Hardware kit.

Thanks - I’ll give those ideas a crack tomorrow.

Yup - a few hiccups on the way through but I can now download wirelessly. I need to dig further to see if I really need the competion switch in there - we have only one of them in the class which would make things inconvenient if we had to share it. I must say it would be nice of Vex would document a lot of this stuff…