How To Download PROS on Ubuntu

so im trying to get pros so i can download to my bot while using ubuntu, preferrably a way to download the PROS plugin for atom but any PROS on ubuntu that works is good enought for me

To install the entire package (including the PROS subsystem, atom and the pros for atom plugin), just download the latest compiled release from their github: and run the .deb file. If you have any issues installing, run through the troubleshooting steps here:

Also, keep in mind you need to use the vex programming hardware kit to program your robot, instead of a typical a-a connection. From the website:

@EvolvingJon has the correct answer, but to add that there are 2 Debian packages: the PROS Editor (reskinned Atom) and the PROS Core. PROS Core will install the toolchain and CLI, and PROS Editor installs the editor.

If you need any help or run into issues, I should be able to take a look Saturday if you’re at Zionsville.

@edjubuh thanks for that i was so confuzed because no matter where i was looking i couldnt find a cli download but when i get to robotics afterschool i
l definitly download the core, this is what i was missing thx!