How to download vexcode v5 pro on a chromebook?

does anyone know how to download vexcode v5 pro on a Chromebook? I am on a Chromebook currently running chrome 86 as my browser and chromium os as my os. my Chromebook I am using is a lenovo c340-11. i would like to have this so i can program from home. thank you!

Here is the link to the app in the Chrome Store:

You can find everything you need to know about VEXcode at

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I actually needed vexcode v5 PRO, not vexcode v5. sorry for the inconvienience

Pro is not available for Chromebook.


Will it ever be available for chromebooks?


I believe that you can program in the same language in vexcode v5 then what you can program in vexcode v5 pro. EDIT: I just checked and it basically is. The only difference is that device setup only works through the graphical ui not the text ui.

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Sadly no, kind of like it’s not available for Linux. Some software doesn’t benefit enough people to be profitable I guess.

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Can’t you just use WINE for Linux systems?

Not really, I haven’t been able to get VEXCode to work on WINE.


I have a really difficult time parsing your assertion here - VEXcode V5 suite (and others) are available at no cost to teams. How do you gauge “profitable” in this statement?

My feeling is VEX has done a lot to support a huge breadth of platforms and balanced skill needs. Those who need VEXCode V5 Pro have access to computational platforms to support their development of code for V5.

Not what every one wishes to hear - but reality of managing resources.


I think that the more people who have access to Vexcode Pro, the more attraction there is to making a better robot, and therefore buying more parts from Vex. Kind of a leap but not totally unreasonable.

Since not a lot of people use Chromebook it doesn’t help Vex as much to work on Vexcode Pro for Chromebook as it does to update it consistently for Windows/Mac. (This is a solution I am fine with, but I’m sure there are people, especially right now, finding themselves in possession of a school chromebook and wanting to code on it.)

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I understand the “bang for the buck” argument - our district is 1-1 of chrome books now - but for middle school - Vexcode Vr and Vexcode V5 are sufficient for the reach to students during pandemic…

my main concern is the argument made was for not having VEXcode V5 xxx was based on “profitable” which implies VEX “making money” directly…

I am pleased with the direction VEX and RECF have taken in investing in robotics and supporting it during pandemic.


Don’t forget that VEXcode V5 Pro uses Monaco as the editor. Not sure is a Chromebook version of that is available but that may be a limiting factor.

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