How to embed a picture in a post

I have a picture on my local computer that I want to show as part of a posting, but I cannot figure out how to embed it with my post.

I first tried using the “image” button, but it gives me a dialog asking me to type in the URL of the image. This seems to imply that I must have the picture on a server somewhere.

Then I tried using the “attachment” button. This gives me the dialog box I was expecting, and I can choose the jpg file from my local hard disk to upload. But the resulting post winds up with a clickable link rather than the picture itself.

I’m sure this is simple to do, because people on the forums do it all the time. I just can’t seem to find the right button.



You are very close. You use the Attachment button to upload image(s) as you discovered, and then you use it again to embed the image in the body of your post.


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Thanks very much. (Not very intuitive, but it seems to work).


Hmm… I need to try that…

I attach my Photo, and then use the Hyper-Link to the Photo in the Insert Image Link, as seen below…

My Blue Van, and Five “random” white cars, at the Circle-K, late one night…

That is the hard way to post a pic. After you attach it, you can click on the paper clip again and it will show all the attachments as a popup. When you click on an item, it inserts an embedded attachment link like:

Which shows the actual photo within your post, but shows as a link when included as a quote in another post:

No need to copy and paste URLs about.

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Ahh… The the Upper Row, above the Editing Window… ( I never Noticed it before… ) I use the “Manage Attachments” Button, below the Editing Window, in the Additional Options box to add my attachments…

Wow! You learn something new, everyday… :wink:

If you host it somewhere other than vex fourm you get to avoid having this little thing in your post:

But you might not care about that.

Personally, I like to keep it all self contained. I’m always annoyed when I come across an interesting post with a link to a photo that is no longer being hosted.

It would be nice if the forum software would suppress that if the attachment is embedded in the post somewhere. (best of both worlds)


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I find it does distract a little, but knowing it is attached to the message, I know where to find it again… :wink:

Ditto, and DITTO… You find posts, ( at other Web Sites ) that are 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old, with some great Information, and a Link to PhotoBucket… Well, Half a Story is better than No Story… :wink:

The Content Management Software Drupal, allows the Suppression of Displaying the Attached Files…

For the Most Part, I think that vBulletin ROCKS!!!