How To Escape Standalone Mode

This is a follow-up question to Question 3 in my previous post. How do I escape from Standalone Mode once I have downloaded a program to the Cortex via USB? Once I download a program to the Cortex via USB, I am unable to regain control of the Cortex without using the Reconfig button and going through the pairing procedures with the joystick all over again. I have some robots in my class that are stuck in Standalone Mode.


See my previous answer.

You have to download the RobotC program in either of the two communications modes I mentioned, that’s the only way, the cortex will then start looking for a VEXnet key and try and connect to a joystick. The actual connection (whether you use the USB A-A cable or programming kit does not matter, you can select one of those two modes and still use the USB cable directly to the cortex)