How to fix Purdue SIGBots CAD Library?

I don’t know why. After opening LIB, I found that some c-type aluminum alloys were deviated.
I want to fix him. But it seems very difficult.
I like this library very much. Work axis is more convenient than iMate.
@ jbayless
image image 3

It may be less effort to just switch libraries. I have a really good one if you want it.

Thank you. Is it using IMATE ? My computer will use IMATE library very slowly.

I believe it has imates, but I don’t like to use them much. If they slow down your computer you can probably just get rid of them. It has most of its parts updated to inventor 2019, and has circular holes on every square hole for super easy mates. Enjoy!
Inventor library

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I’ve heard about this issue from a few others this past season, I hadn’t run into any issues as a result of the asymmetry in my own CAD so I wasn’t aware of the problem until it was pointed out recently. I am not the original author of the library so I have no idea why this asymettry exists, but it is on my todo list to remedy this at some point in the near future. I’ll be sure to post on the forum somewhere when I get around to that.

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I’ve fixed him.
But there is still a problem.
If I use the iPart feature, the work axis will not display.