How to get a lot of blocks within a 15 second time frame for autonomous?

Does anybody have a lot of experience with coding autonomous? I’m new to programming. How do I get a lot of blocks within a 15 second time frame for autonomous? Would I have to set a high velocity for the robot to move faster? This is assuming the robot is either:

  1. a clawbot
  2. RI3D bot
    (since I’m working with programming both right now).
    Thanks guys!

You can get a lot of blocks in autonomous pretty easily with a roller intake. The biggest question is if you want to be able to score that stack also in auton. The answer might seem obvious, but one has to consider the types of blocks within the scoring zones, the ability to put cubes in towers, and whether sacrificing auton is worth the 6-point 2-cube deficit to have a larger stack near the beginning of auton.

At the smaller level, I’ve seen teams with a claw that can hold six cubes start near the protected zone goal, get their preload, the cube right on the outside of the Outer Protected Zone, and the stack 4 cubes high into the zone, and teams with rollers just intake the four cubes lined up in a row, and maybe one from the towers if they are risky, and putting that in the other zone.

Really, there isn’t going to be a clear answer for what you want to do. Having a high gear ratio in the base might give you the ability to visit more cubes in autonomous, but unless you can intake the cubes at a similar speed, that speed isn’t that helpful for auton. However, in general, you do want to go as fast as possible without variance in the autonomous route.

I’m sorry that I’m being a bit vague, but you ultimately have to decide what you can do with the time frame you have, the robot design you iterate on, and what you believe will score high without scoring consistency. Assuming you want to do better than the one cube auton, you are going to have to do the routing, and find which blocks are easiest to get.


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