How to get enough force for the catapult?

Hi everyone!

I want to know how to get enough strength/force to the catapult system so that you can launch your balls further. I currently have two orange VEX IQ rubber bands attached to a pulley that stretches down to an axel in the drivetrain. Should I add more rubber bands or is there another solution?


Shyam B

Personally I use 3 rubber bands, although some catapults use up to 6, so don’t be afraid to add more. However, keep in mind that the more rubber bands you put on, the more robust your catapult it going to need to be and if it’s not strong enough it’ll rip itself apart. You can fix that by making it stronger though.


Yea I used 2 motors instead of one to compensate for the strenngth. Will attach more rubber bands.

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