how to get into practices

So, I go to Humanex academy. A private school for children with learning disabilities, with a whopping total of 60 students. Me, being the only capable engineer/robot designer there, limits the amount of robots our school can design to one. so this raises the question, where the hell do I practice? I have gone to and haven’t been able to find a “practices” area. Does anyone know where I can practice? my zip code is 80111 and I live in Colorado.

First step would probably be to buy a full field, which I will assume you’ve done already. Definitely reach out to nearby teams and ask if they’re up for a scrimmage anytime soon, but if that doesn’t work, you can always have other people be “robots” and throw objects back on your side every once in a while. Doing practice skills runs will also help you get the practice you need for competition.

where would I find the contact info for local teams?

You can use to find teams near you, or you can just talk to them at local competitions

Remember me? lol.

Some local teams are Kent Denver (3946 teams), Cyberbrains (974X) and some other 974 teams, Faith (1826 teams), Atomic Wolfpack (9019A), Berthoud (1069 teams), and a bunch of other middle school teams (6047, 6356, and 992 teams).
I’m missing a couple of teams but that pretty much sums up everyone in Colorado that does VRC.

I’m not from Colorado, but I defiantly saw some robots from there last year. Although I never got the pleasure to meet Mwang17, his robot kicked serious butt, aswell as 974x. So, if either of those two teams offers you insight, I’d follow it.