How to get Mac to connect to VEX IQ brain over Smart Radio bluetooth?

Can you offer any suggestions for figuring out how to connect my MacBook to the VEX IQ brain via the Smart Radio and bluetooth?

I have a 2014 MacBook Pro, which seems to support Bluetooth LE.
I have updated the VEX IQ brain and devices to the latest firmware.
I installed the Smart Radio in the VEX IQ brain. It seems to be seated fine, since the VEX IQ brain recognizes it.
I selected Radio On in the VEX IQ brain settings, and I see the up and down carets in the brain display.
But when I enable bluetooth on my Mac and search for nearby devices, the VEX IQ brain doesn’t show up.
(It also doesn’t show up when I run Robot Mesh Studio, though I think that depends on pairing it first?)

Any ideas for things I should try?

Thanks for the quick response!

This link

says that Macs with LMP version 0x6 do support Bluetooth LE, and mine has LMP version 0x6. I’m running macOS Sierra, which is later than Yosemite where Bluetooth LE support was apparently introduced. Are you sure that macOS doesn’t support Bluetooth LE?