How to get pneumatics to work?

How do we get pneumatics to work? We followed the instructions and checked that everything was tight, but it still wouldn’t work. Please help

I know this might sound stupid, but I have to check.
Did you fill it up with air?


Yes we have. We tried to release the air then add more air but it still didn’t work.

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Make sure your air is plugged into the port labelled “p” in the solenoid for pressure-in.

When the pneumatics are charged, does the piston easily slide out or is it heavily resisting?

It isn’t moving at all

I will check at school tomorrow.

That means it is properly pressurized. Probably a code issue or something electronic. See if you can active it from the devices menu on the brain.

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Ok I will try tomorrow. Thank you!

Also do you use digital out or in for the code?

Digital output.

Ok thank you. Would this work?

I believe so, however I’m not accustomed to blocks. Also seeing that u have a pressure control valve, make sure that it’s all the way open. Test it without it if you have too

Thank you. Which one is the pressure control valve?

The second item after leaving the tank. This isn’t the issue though as you cylinder is pressurized. (You know this cause you can’t just pull it out)

Could it be that he is using a single acting solenoid on a double acting cylinder? This would mean that air isn’t escaping when he retracts right?

Is the flow control fitting on your cylinder tightened down all the way?

If the little screw inside is tightened down all the way it will not allow air to move the piston.

Try reaching inside the barrel with a tool and unscrew it a bit.

Thanks. I think that was the problem since I tightened it down all the way.

This is a double acting one we checked.