How to get rid of Static Electricity?

My team just finished a competition using V4. We played 8 matches and in every single match we shorted out or cortex at least once. our theory for this is that we are gathering static electricity from the foal tiles on the field. We are in need of methods to fix this problem because this is taking the fun out of the game, shorting out every match and in two of the matches we shorted out for a minute and twenty seconds. This is taking the fun out of the game for us and we need ways to fix this so that we can play the game for once.

There is spray you can put on the field tiles to reduce the static

Is your team the only team that encounter static issue or other teams also encounter the static issue?

VEX Recommended using “Heavy Duty Staticide” to be sprayed on the tiles and or on robot wheels.

There were a few teams in our region that had this issue and they added a screw or something drag on the tiles as a ground for their robot. I never had this issue, but that is what they did.

How are you sure that you shorted out? What do you mean by “shorting out?”? could you describe the issue? it could likely be another issue (bad keys / breakers / ptc?)

Before you touch the robot, slap the field walls for a second or two. If you’re talking about when you’re not touching the robot, antistatic spray on wheels should work

Didn’t help for us still had a port burn out ,and got the white screen of death(V5).