How to get RobotC for free

Hi. I heard that you can get RobotC for free now right? If it’s the truth, can you guys tell me how to get the whole one for free?

You download it from the website. You need to have bought a kit or registered as a team for full version activation I believe.

This is the download page

Create a free account at then in the dashboard, go to My Downloadable Products.


It is free for everyone now.


Thanks so much. It is very helpful for me

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Hi. I did what you wrote. However, I couldn’t find any My Dowloadable in it

Hi, I went to the website and saw 2 options to download for Windows. However, I’m using a macbook and I couldn’t find any for it.

ROBOTC has only ever been available for windows, other platforms are not supported, however, it works well under VM’s such as VMware fusion and Parallels desktop.