How to get rubber band formation so that the tray tries to flip out on its own?

image !

Here is a picture of our current rubber band layout. We are trying to make it so that the tray flips out on its own, but it just isn’t working smoothly, despite numerous various attempts. How should we go about this? This one causes us to break rubber bands, and is extremely difficult to fold

There is one way that it somewhat works. When there are 5 rubber bands, not crossed, on each side, and the tray is vertical, it slowly pulls up halfway, then if the tray is back at its slant, it jolts to the desired position.

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You can try to use the intake arms to lift up the tray slightly at the beginning of the match to make it flip out.

It is possible that your screw joint has too much friction, putting strain on the rubber bands to flip the tray out. Try loosening the joint a bit,


I recommend using some latex tubing. Much stronger and less likely to sheer

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That would make sense, thank you!

Do not cross the rubber bands it just makes it harder to deploy or it will be abrupt like yours. Or at least that was the case for our robot. Double tie the rubber bands wrap them around on the standoffs that are on top of each c-channel. I will post a picture of what I mean when I get home.


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