How to get the ball under the low bar

So I have been wondering how to get the ball under the low bar between those 2 triangle shaped things. And when I try to get it, the intake hits the triangle thing and doesn’t go forward, but I could go around and do it, but that would be wasting time. Could someone please explain how I can be able to get that ball?

Push it out and grab it from there other side!

I literally said I’m not doing that

As you can see above

Getting that “tricky” ball is definitely a design challenge. I think if you look at the reasons why you can’t get it, then you will figure out the solution.

The ball does stick out from the pillar a bit, so why doesn’t your intake roller get that ball? What happens when you approach that ball? What is stopping the intake roller from intaking the ball? Breakdown exactly step by step why you can’t get that ball, then you will be able to devise a solution.

I went through this thinking pattern with my team and they were able to devise a solution. I trust you will also.



Yes, but if you do it with one motion as you are getting the other two it makes it easy to retrieve when you get over there. There are lots of videos out there showing people grabbing the ball but it’s just not placed correctly and a lot of those mechanisms won’t work as well with a well reset field.

This is an interesting take here… The tray that they use to hold the additional balls in place actually moves out of the way when they back into the spot where the ball is.


I don’t know if this will help but i know that we had the same problem and we realized that we had set the field up wrong and that the triangle was sticking out the wrong way making it impossible to get that ball. So i would just double check you field and make sure it is set up right.

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