How to get the LCD UART to show up in pragma statements?

For years, I’ve been having the kids simply cut and paste the LCD code from a sample file but just recently I noticed I can’t find how the LCD UART code is supposed to be automatically generated by the MOTOR/SENSOR set-up wizard in RobotC.

How do you do that? Am I missing something really obvious here?

One of the top tabs is UART and you pick a UART port and set it to LCD. I think it might be hidden in ROBOTC if you user level is set to low. Just always be set to Super User.

You have to be in the Super User menu level (or at least Advanced, I don’t recall which). Then the motor/sensor setup window will have a tab for UART configuration. Then you’ll find that UART2 is automatically set up for an LCD, and you will need/generate a


statement to *un-*configure UART2 for an LCD.

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Awesome. Thank you!

As so many of us are…