How to have the third tray flip out on the traybot?

My team has a traybot with three trays. We can flip open the second one by lifting the arms/intake. If not, we could also intake cubes to open the second tray. However the third tray does not flip out with the second tray and we don’t know how to fix it. We’ve tried X rubber bands and horizontal ones, and both combined. We also tried having rubber bands on the side to pull the third tray downwards so it can open. Any other ways you guys open your trays or suggestions since ours isn’t working! Thanks!

can you align your intakes so when they outake it flips the 3rd and 2nd also.

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is this IQ or EDR? I’m confused?

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put rubber bands on it, and the momentum from your first flipout should trigger the second. otherwise you’re either banding wrong, or you have friction in your flipout joint.


Make sure that the rubber bands aren’t further down than your pivot. they should be above it so it allows it to flip out ALOT better

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EDR, sorry for not specifying

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no problem. just didnt want to give wrong info

What do you mean by pivot?

so you know the point where the tray segments fold in. thats the pivot

like a hinge sort of

When it opens the third tray just stays closed right against the second tray. I have rubber bands too and the second tray snaps open and it has momentum but…??

Oh so my rubber bands can’t be past the pivot point???

your joints probably have a lot of friction, or the third stage kind of sticks inside the second. pictures would probably help.

Just don’t put then underneath the pivot itself. that forces it down not out. like a rainbow keep it up from the pivot

how would I fix the friction? image


did you just change it or is this before?

This is how it has always been (might have changed rubber band type and placement a couple times but this is how it is at the moment)

when you fold it, do the rubber bands go beneath the pivot