How to help battery life?

Our batteries are dying within 5 minutes of use, idle its about 15 minutes. We need a way to fix this because we are worried that it will die in the middle of a match, and that we wont have enough batteries for a competition.

Please do not create more than one topic for co-related problems.

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Dying after 5 minutes is definitely not normal. Can you run the battery medic and report back what it says?


or may be related to the second post about motors overheating. I think it is best to focus on one thread.

Battery medic is a good suggestion.

its not the batteries, we have new ones and old ones, all of them drain very fast regardless

Is the V5 brain’s firmware up to date?

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Focus on your motor overheating thread - that is where you will be able to solve battery depletion. The focus is on better design and build quality will yield longer battery run time.