How to Import Old VexCode to New Vexcode (0.9 to 1.0.3)

So I’m having great difficulty figuring out how to import my project from an old version of VexCode to the newest one. I am trying to import from VexCode final beta (0.9) to VexCode 1.0.3 (the newest I believe). Every time I select the build file using all files option on the file select, it asks for a new file name to which I press import and it just does nothing. Anyone know if I did anything wrong or if this won’t work because it’s so outdated or etc.?

Only switching now as some complex code I’m writing requires the new build of VexCode and I didn’t want to switch earlier as 1) Didn’t need to and 2) I have over 2k lines of code that I didn’t want to rewrite/convert.

No need to use import, just open the project file. I recommend you do not upgrade the project.


Since you don’t recommend upgrading, is it possible and if so how would I use the vex math file as sometimes it appears like
//#include "C:/Program Files (x86)/VEX Robotics/VEXcode/sdk/vexv5/include/vex_math.h"
but I get an error when it does.

There is no such include file as vex_math.h. Where did you see that ?


To be honest, what pops up is vex_units.h which gives an error so I assumed vex_math.h would as well. I couldn’t find it, but I do remember when I was trying to find circumference, something for math as a .h file popped up the same as vex_units.h does but that gave an error as well. I’ll try to recreate the math error and reply if I can. But I do for a fact know that vex_units.h does not work, gives an error at vex_units.h(156,15).

Edit: I just figured out I was being a little dumb so never mind the math issue, but am curious as to why the vex_units.h file inclusion pops into my code occasionally and gives an error.

The only file you ever need to include is vex.h. All other files will be included by that one.


Would you know why #include "C:/Program Files (x86)/VEX Robotics/VEXcode/sdk/vexv5/include/vex_units.h" appears quite randomly into my code and gives an error? The error is at vex_units.h(156, 15)

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I have no idea why that would appear randomly, however, vex_units.h cannot be included on it’s own, it need other files included before it. vex.h includes some system files and then the necessary headers to use the VEXcode sdk. If you want to, post the project here (either zip up the folder to export it) and I will take a look.