How to increase intake efficiency

Hello all! I made a new intake design for compression(in this video (, and it works for compression, but the intakes have to take it at a specific angle(right on). Is there any way I can optimize these intakes for schlorking cubes? My tray is 6 inches

Which one of those four robots is yours? All of those robots seem to have good compression. Is it possible that you sent the wrong link, seeing as that video was the last link you sent?

forgot to include the photo. Those im pointing out have good compression20191114_204234
I need to increase the efficiency of the bottom rollers


Also yes i get it wasnt very symmetric at that time, i just took a picture and it’s the only one i had

Also, im not looking for more compression, i got that. Im looking for my intakes being able to schlork them in better

The teams shown in the video geared the bottom sprocket up with a 5:3 ratio thus they have added speed for sucking the cubes in. Also, what speed motors are you currently using?

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I think we may be missing the point here, the advantage (I think) is being able to

them into the intake with the flaps on the front, but not have the jostling of the flaps on cubes at the top. I think the height offset may play a role as well, not having the cubes get twisted around as they enter the tray, and helping the cubes to stay flat.


The biggest advantage to this design is your chain won’t break during a match. Instead of chaining the two together, If you gear the rollers together (obviously with an idler) you’ll have a much more reliable intake method.

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We found that having the intake so narrow was that the cubes would contact the sprockets themselves and force them outward. The compression is one that does not have to bend outward more than an inch. Also, box the arms everywhere. We even boxed the joint where it screwed onto our gear. Warping, my friend, is your enemy. And it would be good to have the sprockets the same sizes. This means that the front sprockets will have a good purchase on the cubes without having to force them between the larger- and therefore more narrow-sprockets.

It all seems a bit warpable bcuz your intake is mounted to the arms with a lot of space between them. This makes it way less rigid.

when i gear it, the bottom goes too fast, and doesnt intake because it doesnt have enough torque/space. i cannot do a 5:3:3 because the amount of holes. I have to go like 5:3:5. My intakes are offset slightly, and moving them in would have the flaps hit the top compression intake. Also, having big gears would interfere with the intake as the cubes would contact the gears.


should i move them outward and fix the compression? I will keep the chain for now until i come up with a better solution

Gotcha yea I’ve got 5:3:3 and I can intake cubes as fast as I can drive into them, but 5:3:5 probably doesn’t work great. I also can’t drive that fast with a heavy robot, 3m drive so

could you send a picture of your intake? Side (for offset)and top(for holes and spacing) if you can. Thanks!

Normally don’t send leaks but here you go. At this point ig this is pretty public anyway.



Thank you for sharing! Are you encountering any issues with the top gear being the same size as the sprocket? Also, are those standoffs sturdy enough to schlork cubes fast and reliably until the compression roller? To add to that, is there a reason why you chose a non-vertical channel for the intake? Thanks!

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No issues with the gear whatsoever you’ve just gotta get the spacing right. Standoffs are plenty sturdy and yea sucking them in just fine. You can’t see it well in the picture but I’m not cantilevering the back roller, so the channels are flat to save space. The fronts are cantilevered cause they’re screw joints so they don’t need the extra support.

Ok, Thank you for the help!

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Ok, so I cant schlork them fast enough. It is stuck at this angle for 5 ish feet going forward to grab them in
I need the front intakes that should schlork them better to be able to pick them up at this angle:20191115_195557
Not the current this angle:
Is there a way for me to offset the front rollers or is there a better solution? Thanks!

you may have too much compression. it does exist, try making your intakes less sturdy. sounds weird, but we had this same issue and it fixed it. also you’re using too many flaps on your outer rollers, I’d decrease that be 3 or 4 times.


What do you mean make them less sturdy? Also, they’re chained together so that would be harder