How to increase the motor percentage in Vexcode Blocks

I was trying to program my V5 controller, and I had connected two motors that were supposed to spin a chain, but for some reason, the motors seem very underpowered and turn the chain very slowly. I’m using the v5 motors but still, they are slow. Is there a way I can increase motor power in Vexcode blocks which I had used to program my controller.

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Can you share what code you have now?

This is how you could map a V5 Motor to the value of a V5 Controller axis:


well right now i dont have a specific code, i was just trying to use the device feature in Vexcode blocks, but when i tried to use my two intake motors which were attached to the l1/2 and r1/2 trigger buttons, they were moving extremely slow, even though all other motors would work. at that point i tried to find a way to increase motor speed percentage in the actual controller section and then in the individual motor section under devices but i wasnt able to find a way to change the motor percentage. im not fully sure if its even the percentage thats the problem but if its something else i did wrong

it should be going to full power, maybe you haven’t aligned your bearings properly to allow free motion. When I first started I had a similar issue, when my motors seemed underpowered, My axles were so misaligned that one of the motors burned out.

ill check, is there a way i could send you a video of it so you could see whats happening?

Easiest is usually upload to youtube and link here.

If you had other code that was changing the velocity of those motors assigned to Controller buttons (I.e something was telling the motors to stop) you would get that really slow/jerky performance.

As others have said, post the code you’re working on and we’d be happy to look into it.