How to increase the speed of drivetrain in VEX IQ?

Hi everyone, I like to increase the speed of drivetrain in my robot. I’m not sure how I can do that. Should I add two more motors to drivetrain? Will that increase the speed? Or is there any way to change the default speed of motors? Or something else? Please advise. Many thanks in advance.

Assuming your code is setting speed to 100, you will need to gear it. See the curriculum on


do u have 2 or 4 motor drive

I have 2 motors. Also, what I want is the speed when I control the robot with the controller. Not the autonomous s

I think I need to make my question clear. I need to increase the speed when I drive the robot with controller not the autonomous drive.

You will need to design a new drive base, where the motors do not directly drive the wheels, but rather drive the wheels though a gear-train (i.e. the motor drives a large gear which is linked to smaller gear that drives the wheels. The guide posted by @spaghetti_code will be helpful to understand how gearing works.

I think even in driver, the motors default to 50% speed. So you have to put in your driver control program the block “set drivetrain velocity” and set it to 100%. If you want to go even faster, you will need to do that mechanically… big gears driving little gears.

Got it. Thanks. I think this is what I need. How can I put the program in my driver control? I know how to use VEX Iq blocks software but I don’t know where to start to program the controller.

I’m by no means a programming expert, but I think it would look something like this…

drive velocity

Thank you. I appreciate your help.

I hope it helps. Let us know if you get it resolved.

I would geer it up I am in EDR so idk how it works but that what I would do

If you dont know how to help, dont. Also, use spell check :wink:

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Can this be added to an autonomous code and run Each time? My team already has all four program slots full.

Most likely. But I’m not sure.

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