How to increase the torque for an Arm?

How can I increase the torque to be able to pull the blue dispenser on the playing field?

You can either change the torque from the code, or you can use a higher gear ratio

That’s not how that works if you really want more torque less gears slower motors


gear ratio lol

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HUH? Torque is not from less speed, torque is a smaller gear to a big gear, also you can change the torque from the code as shown below

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Which doesn’t allow the motor to provide more torque than the actual gear ratio used. If changing that value to 100% isn’t enough for you, it’s a great idea to change your gear ratio to one with more torque (larger gear to small gear).


Just gonna mention that making your arm shorter can lead to more torque.


And the physics behind this, is because the torque of a lever arm is equal to

with r being the radius (half the full length of the lever arm). By decreasing the lever arm’s length, you are proportionally decreasing the torque about that arm, which makes it easier to move.


So that it’s clear what this code is doing, is setting the MAXIMUM torque allowed by the control loop running the motor. It is not directly increasing the torque output of the motor.

To avoid burning out a motor, you may not want to set the max to 100; generally the better path is going to rework the mechanical side for a better result that won’t stress the motor so much.

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What is a good torque for an arm that is having difficulty lifting the claw