How to keep cable connections together

You may all know about this trick, we appologise if you do but the forum question about heat shrink tells us that 1 person needs help so…

Use a cable tie ‘sewn’ between cables and tightened as in the picture attached. Simple and NEVER fails!

Here is the photo:mad:

I agree. It is the best way to secure the connections. Our team, in addition to the tie wraps, also uses electrical tape. Just to be extra secure :p.

Be careful, this rule does not include electrical tape as a legal component:

If you are playing Clean Sweep, inspectors may make you remove the tape. I’ve seen PWM connector clips and it would be interesting to have an official Q&A question asking if these could be legalized for Clean Sweep.

One of our team slogans is, “Wire ties are the duct tape of youth robotics.”

OK, but isn’t the tie-wrap doing the same function as the electrical tape (in this case)? Which is holding the connections together. Considering tie-wraps used for this function are legal, I’m guessing the tape would be legal to. Wouldn’t it? But yeah, we should have an official Q&A question.

Zip ties are part of the VEX kits and is a VEX part - electrical tape is not. Hence, the VEX materials are allowed for almost everything, and non-VEX parts that aren’t authorized can’t have any function beyond decoration.