how to keep motor cables inside power expander

Any ideas on how to keep motor cables inside power expander? There is no clip and they keep pulling out.

I’ve seen lots of things used, but they all share some characteristics:

  • The PWM cables are well secured by wire ties so that there is less strain on the wires.

  • The cables are protected from intrusion by other robots

  • The intrusion protection can be easily (re)moved to allow access.

Let us know what you come up with.

The Power Expander is equipped with a PWM slide lock. You will notice that on the top of the power expander (pictured here), there is an additional piece of plastic with a lip at each end centered over the ports. This piece can slide about .1’’ over the port openings and is designed to lock the cables in place.

i think the “extension cables” do not have the extra “lip” that the motor wires come with
therefore they will not be “locked” in place :frowning:
we just used long wires, so there isnt any strain on them
and it is also unreachable by any other robot

The longer extension cables don’t, but if you add a small 7" green/orange/white extension cable to the end, it will have the small “lip”. Unfortunately I cannot find them anywhere on the product page, so I’m assuming they are not sold any longer.


P.S. There is a picture of what the ends look(ed) like here:

Thanks for help!

No problem. Any time. :slight_smile: