How to keep pneumatics extended from the start

I’m trying to make a pneumatics stay exteded from the start of the match to hold a rubber banded thing in place, all the way until the end, when we retract it and launch the extension. Is this possible? Thanks in advance

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Yes, you can. This is a possible and popular way of triggering endgame mechanisms.


how do i do that? i have tried setting the pneumatics to true at the very start of my program, but it still ends up retracting for split second before extending again.

I don’t have my code on me, but in one of the sections above where everything is defined, I think pre auton?
you can write a little segment around


Of false depending on how to have your pneumatics set up. But when air gets introduced into the system it should automatically extend

Try swapping the tubes that feed into the solenoid (A and B)


i have that in pre_auton, but the piston still retracts when we run the program and then immediately gets extended by the code.

Where do you define your pneumatics? Is it in pre-auton or before everything else (after the #includes)? If so, make sure where you set it up make sure that the parameters when you set it up include “true” rather than “false”.

Try not doing that, and instead do what @EcstaticPilot said, and reference the ports on the solonoid. Those have a default output, and can’t be changed in code. This is assuming you are using double acting pnumatic, if not, you may be out of luck. If possible, could you send a picture of his your pnumatic are weird together? Thanks.


Here is the picture for my pneumatics. They are on by default, how ever when i run the code this happens:

I would like to again recommend you swap the output air tubes from the solenoid and you shouldn’t need anything in the code.


i fixed the problem. it still does what it used to do, but if i fill it up to 35 psi or less it doesn’t release the expansion. thanks for the help tho!

It may be there’s friction. Make sure to fill your pneumatics to 100 psi and you can have up to 2 tanks if you already don’t.