How to learn RobotC?

Hello. I am a new member here on Vex Forums, and I would like to know how I could learn RobotC. I have been searching online for days, to no avail, and I don’t know anyone who knows it. I want to help out my team, please help. Thank you.

You will find the RobotC download button on the following webpage. Click on the “Download version 4.26” button.
The software starts out with a 10 day free trial.

To learn programming, I think Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW) is a very good way to start. To download a RobotC program to the physical robot is a little cumbersome and slow, so if you are just starting out, I think this RVW is the fastest way to learn and play around.

The RVW is at this link:
Note that there are separate files to download not only for RVW in general, but also for the various “worlds”, including the Vex SkyRise game.

Be aware that we use the Vex system, NOT the Vex IQ.

The RobotC program itself has an extensive Help file and links to a wiki that explains a lot about sensors, timers, loops, etc.

There are some sample programs that come with the RobotC software. There are probably some that come with RVW, too.

The RobotC homepage is here:

Here are some links to learning about RobotC:

There is a RobotC forum that is accessible, too:

Here are some of the links concerning the RobotC, Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW), etc.

Here’s the general Robot Virtual Worlds homepage:

This page has instructions on what/how to download RVW step by step:

hope that helps get you started. :)](

Thank you so much! I will get started ASAP!

Just to emphasize one of the links given above…

I highly recommend going through this entire tutorial first… it covers the basics VERY well. This is all we used to learn RobotC, from there we could figure it out on our own…along with the help of awesome people here on the forums.

Try looking through the sample programs that robot C gives…go to file–>open sample files. If you go to then you’ll be able to see a bunch of power-points introducing you to robot c!

Good luck:)

Don’t forget all those sample programs that come with RobotC!

You generally need to break down your learning into what you need your robot to do right now. Don’t start with too much, start small. This is the typical progression we’ve seen from our new members (most of ours start in middle school)

Starting with the basics you can have a drive-able robot. Then it is on to using sensors and the mantra: Sense, plan, act!

  1. I want to drive my back wheels with the joystick.
    • motor setup page learned
    • vexRT usage
    • getting to know the competition template
    • downloading your code and using the debugger
  2. I want to lift my arm using the second joystick
    • more motor set up
    • vexRT on the second controller
  3. I want to do a simple autonomous to drop a cube and stop being 10 points down (this year’s game focus)
    • learn to use autonomous section
    • get to know the function list and variable list on the left
    • learn about the timer and wait in increments of 1msec
    • learn to set the motors in auton
  4. I want to do multiple steps in my auton
    • learn about functions - make drive straight, turn left, turn right, drive backwards
    • learn about sensor set up and what kind of sensor goes where (analog/digital)
    • learn about encoders/IME and potentiometers and SensorValue]
    • learn not to go full power and control your auton with simple actions
  5. I want to control my turns better
    • get a gyro and learn to use that
    • learn proportional drive or go real slow
  6. I want to hold my lift at a certain point
    • must learn proportional or a hold strength attached to a potentiometer or IME
    • learn about tasks in robot C (or call a function)
    • learn the debug stream and how to get data to Excel
    • learn how visualization helps tune your parameters

and so on…