How to lift dr4b

I have the 2 motors mounted on each tower of the 2 dr4bs my team has made. It has a 5:1 gear ratio but I am worried that the motors won’t be able to lift the dr4b. Are there any tips to reduce the weight/ stress on the motors?

you attach rubber bands to the arms.
edit: I probably should’ve elaborated
edit 2 : never mind mystellianne has already done that

Elaborating on this, the general rule of thumb is to attach enough rubber bands so that the lift stays up by itself, that way the force of gravity (which is what causes it to want to fall) is cancelled out, and the motors themselves do little to no actual work.

How do I know where to attach the rubber bands?

Rubber bands go between the two connecting bars in a 4-bar. This way the bands pull the bars closer together, raising the lift.
In 1970K’s video of a reverse double 4-bar, you can see where he has his rubber bands set up. (They’re red.) Basically you just add rubber bands until the mechanism supports itself. (i.e. the reverse double 4-bar stays right where it is, even when the motors are turned off. Also it should take the same amount of force to lift the bar as to put it down.)