How to make 4 motors move at once

How do you make four motors move at once


Not even that. Just do this.


You can add a motor group I think… But I am in IQ and im not sure what the coding language is in V5

It pretty luch the same in iqblocks and vrc bl9cks

Ok, I wasn’t sure, if you go to add a device or sensor it will say motor group so just use that

We use Vex Code V5 Pro

C++/ python for most people.

If it’s not a drivetrain then you can add “true” to the end of the argument and that should tell the motors not to wait.

yourmotor.spin(distance, degrees);
yourmotor1.spin(distance, degrees, TRUE);
yourmotor2.spin(distance, degrees, TRUE);
yourmotor3.spin(distance, degrees, TRUE);

Sorry if the syntax isn’t right

I used this

if (Controller1.Axis2.position(pct) != 0){;
Motor1.spin(forward,Controller1.Axis2.position(pct), pct);
Motor2.spin(forward,Controller1.Axis2.position(pct), pct);
Motor3.spin(forward,Controller1.Axis2.position(pct), pct);
Motor4.spin(forward,Controller1.Axis2.position(pct), pct);