How to make 5 motor drivetrain

We are using 4 motor drivetrain right now. We have 1 spare motor. Is there a way to use spare motor to give power to drivetrain so that left and right side share that motor power.


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@sarah_97963A did this but with 3 motors in TT. All you have to do is put a wheel in the center of your drive and use code to spin it at the average of each side’s current speed.


As @Joey_24K mentioned, one way to do this is to place the wheel in the center of the robot and keep it parallel with the other drive wheels. You can then set its speed to the average of the two sides. Another option would be an H-drive. Keep in mind that H-drives are extremely slow and not really worth the extra motor. I would recommend trying to find another mechanism on your robot that you can use the motor for or taking away a motor from another mechanism and making a 6 motor tank drive.


Thanks I need to find a way to takeout 1 motor from arm and use 6 motor drivetrain

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This is an idea - use 5 motors rather than 3.

Thanks it diagram helps to understand better

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