How to make a ChainBar lift

How to make a chainbar lift. I was trying to make a chain bar lift for my robot but I don’t know how to make it. Can anyone good out there teach me how to make a chainbar lift?

Making a chainbar lift is relatively simple and only consist of a few parts. How it works is that you have 2 sprockets one is anchored at the base of your lift and doesn’t move, while the other is connected to whatever you want to remain level. Finally, you connect the 2 sprockets with chain and your done. If you still need help after reading this description I recommend watching team 323z they had a pretty good chainbar back during sack attack.
Chain Bar Lift Prototype 3 - YouTube

Explanation Of Om-Nom V2.0 - YouTube Here’s one of the many examples of chain bars on youtube you can find, and here’s Auras archive on chain bar There are many examples online you can find about chain bars. Hope this helps.

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This is a great example of how to do a chain bar. The whole idea is to keep the sprocket attached to the lift towers static (mounted to the tower so it won’t move). That way when the arm goes up, the sprocket turns in relation to the arm bar and drives the rotation of the upper structure. Once you understand the concept, it should be relatively similar to building any Bar lift. Make sure to either drill out a sprocket or use a free spinning gear insert on your main lift Gear, the sprocket shouldn’t rotate, but the gear on the arm obviously should.

Because the majority of the chain will never go over the sprocket, you can actually remove a few links and replace it with a High Strength Ziptie. This sounds a little crazy, but it will allow you to precisely tune the chain tension.

Here is what I found after doing a 5 second google search

Chain bar - YouTube (This one is special because it’s a Tabor Lift :))

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