How to make a four bar lift

Hello everyone. Currently, I am planning to use a four bar lift for my intake but I can’t acquire how to make these lifts.Can anyone please tell me? Thank you!

The whole idea of a 4-bar lift is to keep the manipulator end of the arm parallel to the lifting tower that the arms are attached to. To do this you will need to connect two pieces of metal (preferably c-channel) between two tower support pieces. One of the two pieces of metal needs to be powered(usually by gears) with normally a gear ratio reduction so that the lift is stronger. The opposite end of the life needs to have a piece of metal connecting the two pieces of metal. You mount your manipulator on that piece. The most important part of the four bar is that the same spacing(number of hole) between the two pieces needs to be the same on both the tower and the end manipulator mount.

This video shows a nicely built four bar for lifting the cones:
This video shows a nicely built four bar for lifting the mobile goal:

Hopefully, this diagram will help you clearly see how a 4 - bar lifting mechanism. You can read more about the linkages needed to build the 4 - bar lifting mechanism using this website:
As well as looking at the many existing designs that have been shared on the forum as well as on YouTube, as has been shown above.