How to make a four barlift

I recently planned to use a four bar for my mobile goal. But, it seems like there are some problems. Can you have a step by step guide for the four bar?Thx!

Step 1: Add one bar
Step 2: Add another bar
Step 3: Add a third bar
Step 4: Add the fourth bar

In all seriousness though, just YouTube it.

I think your best option would be to google it and read some articles too. But I think the image of the CAD attached is really clear in understanding how to make a 4 bar lift. Hope this helps,

this is how I did it:

-one bar on the back, 2 bars going down from that, and another bar on those 2. then make a C-chaped intake out of L-channels, and mount it to the 4th bar.
| |
| |____

and yes, this is the best I can do… I don’t have a picture… -_-
anyways, some tips are:
-use string tied to the tips of the intake and to the top of the 4th bar in the 4 bar lift, and have rubber bands going from the bottom of the intake to the top of the 1st bar, to have less stress on the motors while lifting.