How To Make A Good Engineering Nootbook

This Chat Was Made For Everyone To Share All Their Good Ideas For An Engineering Notebook.

See this link for a great example engineering notebook

The best advice I have is to start with the rubric in the Design Award. Always keep in mind that the notebook should be able to guide someone into recreating the robot without any other inputs.

Also, encourage the students to make it easy for the judges to read. Mine act like I am charging them per line, and per page, squeezing stuff in. I am constantly having to tell them, "Don’t worry, if you fill this notebook, I will get you another one. "

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I love the long table of contents section in that notebook. My kids didn’t leave enough pages for their table of contents and had to continue it on the last page. Do you have a link of that notebook?

We used this one this year, and found the binding is much more robust than the ones VRC provides