How to make a motor hold

I’m building a claw something like this how do i make the motor hold like they did

ArmMotor.spin(fwd, 0,  rev, velocityUnits::pct);

This is how you make a motor hold a position when the motor is told to stop spinning.

Is this what you meant?

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yea i want the motor to stay where it is after i pick up a goal

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what you mean by when told to stop spinning? when I want the motor to hold how do I tell it to stop spinning

An ArmMotor.setStopping(brakeType::hold); line can be added before the rest of the code.

This is what our looks like for example,

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Are you using blocks, python, or C++

Im using c++ … …

do i add it in pre auton section or int main

do it in preauton so it keeps that state for both auton and driver control

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Sorry I don’t know C++

Hold code I made in blocks but I converted in C++. Hope this helps.

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