How to make a motor operate a scissor lift

Hello, everyone, I have built a basic scissor lift and it works if I manually operate it. Can anyone tell me how I can make the motor operate the scissor lift?

There are a few ways to lift a scissor lift

  1. Attach a big gear at the X of the scissor and have the other arm have 12 tooth gears riding around the big gear making the scissor go up and down
  2. Linear rack along the travel of the base of the scissor or vertically (generally slow)
  3. Linear racks pushing at a point to expand it like you see in commercial scissor lifts

plus, literally any way you can think to do it innovation is key to having a different robot, and if your different you might be better, but if you copy, then you will only be worse, as you dont know how to build it yourself and you couldnt make it better without changing, the best you could do is exactly the same.

Agreed. Look at different ways of doing it, and if they meet your needs then don’t reinvent the wheel, but if you have a better way, USE IT