How to make compression better?

Hello! My team has been grinding out a bot and has now come to the dreadful task of tinkering and tweaking with the compression. We are struggling however to make really good intake locks. We have looked at the goofy reveal and are most likely going to do something of the sort yet advice and or designs would be much appreciated!


I suppose my research was too shortlived

I guess so…
I could find more posts if your interested.

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I think this should suffice. However, my team has just been struggling because we grinded a robot in 2 weeks and it didn’t work out so we were like alright gotta be done by this coming signature so everything is good right now except little tweaks with intake locks, the tray, and stuff like that. I really just want this robot to be done at this point. @Xenon27 thanks <3


Hey man. Compression is scary.