How to make lift fling out

I am planning to make a lift with multiple treys so how should I makie it fling out during competition?

goofy has a pretty good deploy and documentary

I know but do you know any alternate methods?

Basically you want passive resistance (rubber bands) to do the “flinging out”, and be able to put the robot’s treys in a position where they are reliably within the 18” cube, and when the robot moves around, the rubber bands snap into place. Getting the rubber bands to be in the correct position is tough, because they’ll want to automatically flip regardless, but if they are more than 180 degrees they’ll stay until nudged. Hope this helps, and watch the videos given to you as well. Explaining visually helps way better than what I can do.

Alternatively you could just motorize the different trey, but I highly recommend against it due to the limit in motors given with V5.

Thank you for your help!

You can easily make the final tray a slider tray to save space, and increase cube capacity.