How to make one side of the drive train move but not the other

i use vexcode v5 blocks, and wanted to know how could my team make it so one side of the drive train moves but not the other side

First, please keep topics on topic, and create a new topic for an unrelated subject. Second, look at robotevents for your local area. Many tournaments have times available to run skills runs, and there are also some skills-only events to get more opportunities to officially run skills. Technically, skills have already started in the USA, as events have already come and gone.


Are you using the drivetrain blocks to pair the left and right motors? If so, then just have that one side of the drivetrain move, while not having the other side do anything. Or you can create a function that commands the left or right motors to move forwards or backwards while not telling the otherside what to do.

i don’t have it on two separate motor groups it’s just drive train 4 motors, and i’m not sure how to do the functions with drivetrain 4 motor

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