How to make the disc go smoothly and reliably (I think the bar on top of the disc has something to with this)

We are trying to do a rapid-fire also let me know if you guys have any solutions for that too!

I would say try to move the bar on top a little bit up and a little bit less shaky and try that to see if it helps.

Watching your video it looks like the robot is putting too much compression on the disc, which makes the disc bend as a result. Try lowering your compression and inform us of the results.

This is how the disc exits.

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The reason you are unable to rapid fire is the discs bouncing out of the firing zone when one fires, Maybe create some sort of net to hold the discs down.

I believe that the discs are coming out like that because you are using wheels as an indexer. Setting the discs on an uneven plane and then shooting them through the flywheel is causing them to hit the ramp and not shoot straight out if you switch your indexer to something else like tank treads I think that will work better.

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It was a little higher before, we moved it down. Didn’t make any difference.

Can you give me an idea of a good compression?
i.e just enough so that the disc touches to wheel

we had that last competition they don’t work as well as the wheels.

  1. They are janky.

  2. we don’t have any space between where the intake ends and the shooter ramp starts to make something that carries the disc with itself.

  3. We can’t rapidly fire with those.

would it be possible for you to lower the flex wheels a hole that might make it less jank?

No, it would touch the head of the screws to the c- channel.

For me personally the gap between the flywheel and the c channel ar about 1/4in less than the diameter of the disc. However, you may need to fine-tune, as your robot is different than mine.

Also, your indexing flex wheels would be better if they could be lowered by a hole and widened out. your disc is entering the flywheel at an angle because of how high your indexing wheels are placed. when the angled disc goes through the flywheel it bounces the other two discs up.

I have a very similar indexer and flywheel. there is no need for the bar on the top, it won’t do you any good unless you are mounting things to it.

I would make these changes and come back with results.

You got any pictures that I can refer to

You got any pictures that I can refer to?

also the c-channel on top, makes it go just one disc at a time.

update after your suggestions: I decreased the compression, and moved the flywheel one hole down.

Here are the results:


It looks a little better. I think you could use even less compression. Your indexer wheels are still too high. Ideally the only stick out 1/4ish of an inch above the plane of your disc tray. Move that down if you can. Make sure the indexer wheels are spaced out wide enough as well.

looks alot better,great job!

It won’t have any friction for it to index it to the flywheel.

UPDATE AFTER STATES: We didn’t qualify for worlds, but thanks to you guys our shooter was great, reliable, rapid fire all that stuff.

We were getting 12-15 discs every match!