How to make the flags

Dear all,

Due to various reasons (shipping issues, etc… dont worry about the reason) my team will not be able to buy the flags. Thus our coach said we should make them… Any ideas how to make the high and low flags? Are the 3d files online… can we like 3d print them to practice with… will they be nearly the same as the competition ones so that when we code it… it won’t differ?

If you have plexy you could use that for the colored plastic part, and you could print the colored parts and tape them onto it.
The vertical pole would just be pvc I think.

There should be cad models for the field if you want to 3d print the brackets. Just google vex turning point field cad and you should be able to find it. For the poles I think it’s same size as schedule 40 3/4 inch pvc.

@alanwrench @Mark Finley Alright, but how do i make sure the resistance between the flag and pole is accurate… i’m programming my pneumatics to use the right amount of air… if my flags are made incorrectly then when it comes to real life competition i may be hitting the flags with too much or too little force

Too much force shoudn’t really be a problem honestly. If you’re really hitting the correct area with more than just a thunk, you’ll be fine.

I don’t know how you would be able to replicate the resistance accurately but you could talk to teams nearby you to see if you can visit them to use their field for a day to test your stuff on a real field.

my team has a field and there is a noch in the bottom center of the flag to make it neutral