How to make turning more accurate in Autonomous

So this is my first year in Vex robotics so I am kind of new to vex v5 text. One thing I notice was when I tried to code an autonomous for our robot, the turning was sometimes inaccurate. I wanted to know if anyone could help me on that. Also if anyone could guide me or send me a sample code that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I would look at the topic 90 degree turns aren’t 90 degrees. Not much there yet, but I hope this helps!

That’s the topic I started…but thanks!

So, do you two know each other then or is this just coincidence? OR am I just missing something?

I want to make sure that you mean accurate and not precise

If it’s accurate (it isn’t turning the amount you set it to) Your math when calculating rotation might be wrong. This is VERY common in Tower Takeover, since robots are long and narrow, and whether or not you are possessing multiple cubes makes a serious change in your center of rotation. You want the solution to this complex math? GUESSWORK! Just put in whatever number works, and then bingo. Trial and error is a very big part of making autons.

If you’re talking about precision (the turn of the same rotation in code isn’t rotating the same every time) then we are talking about a mechanical problem. Various points of slop can make rotation in your drive train not perfectly match the amount of rotation in the motor. This can include loose chain or bad inserts in sprockets, gears, and wheels. My solution was to use 3.25 inch wheels, low strength 60 tooth gears, and 18 tooth sprockets that you can screw directly through to help with bad inserts, and tensioners (typically free spinning nylon spacers) to keep the chain tight enough without causing too much friction. A much simpler solution would be to slow down the turns WAY down. A lot of turns in my auton are at 20% power, and it isn’t even that slow. Again, because of the weird shape of most tower takeover bots, turns are way faster than usual, so there is a lot of error.

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@natesimons this might be of use to you