How to make two lines of code work at one time?

Hello, I’m attempting to code the RI3D robot for this year’s game “Tower Takeover.” However, I am unsure of how to make two lines of code work at one time since usually it runs one command after the other. I tried using a while(true) command but it made it go in a loop, not at the same time. Also, I’m using motor groups.

Simply, set one group to spin, then set the other group to spin but tell it to wait.


This is the simplest way to do it. There are however many others that would work.


Does the pct, false and pct, true part make it wait?

Yes the last argument is a boolean on whether the command should wait until completion.


Right before it, you could use Motor.spin to get the rollers to spin

That just creates an instance of a drivetrain called robotDrive, it will not cause the robot to move. It’s also really big, you have 35 inch wheel travel (so 11 inch diameter wheels).