How to make two things run at once in vexcode?

Using vexcode v5 text how would I program two lines of code to work at once? For example if I want both sides of the intake to spin at the same time as it drives forward. Thank you guys sorry I’m a beginner programmer :slight_smile:

Please, see this helpful post by jpearman about combining motors into groups:

Don’t be shy to ask if you have any questions.


Okay thank you! But that is for drivetrain, what if I were to want the intake to move at the same time as the wheels? I don’t think I would group the intake with the wheels, right?

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I believe @weilin meant that you could make a group with the intakes. I will show some code that does not use motor groups.

Tell the intake to


Then tell the drive to do whatever you need.
The spin command sets a motor spinning continuously. So the intakes will spin, while you are doing anything else. To stop the intakes use the stop command.


You can use a different brake type.
You could easily implement motor groups with this, grouping the intakes together so that one command will apply to both (leave the drive out of it :wink:). I’m sure you can figure it out :wink: especially with the link from @weilin.


I think you probably need to use the startRotate functions, instead of just RotateTo and RotateFor.
Check out @thorstenl312 below.

The API (guide to all the commands in V5) is here -

startRotate is a deprecated function. The more commonly used way is to use rotateTo/For and at the end, a false is added as the 5th parameter

If you want multiple things to run, you would need to use non-blocking functions. What this means is that you need to use functions that don’t wait for itself to end.

Some examples of blocking
Motor.rotateFor(1000, degrees, 100, percent);
Motor.rotateTo(1000, degrees, 100, percent);
wait(500, msec);

Some examples of non-blocking
Motor.rotateFor(1000, degrees, 100, percent, false);
Motor.rotateTo(1000, degrees, 100, percent, false);

As you can see, the false added to the end of rotateFor/rotateTo makes the function non-blocking