How to make your motors stronger

So my robot is a hero bot. To make your motors stronger, you need to look at your motors and see if they have a green or red setting on them. How you are suppose to do this is by looking at the part of the motor where you would attach an axle and then change it from green to red. Red is stronger, but green is faster. I perfer red especially because of how heavy the mobile goals are in tipping point and because it gives you more strength for climbing up the platforms.

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To change from green to red cartridges. buy torque cartridges from vex than unscrew the screws at the corner of the V5 motors than take out the green and put in the redcartridge and screw back in the screws

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Yes I do agree how much are those torque cartridges?
Thank you for your suggestions

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cartridges are about $12 each

thank you so much
the vex expert

Thank you for this information vex expert. Any more knowledge to drop, I’m curious what other secrets vex has been hiding from me.


I’m not sure that VEX has been hiding information from you. I’d suggest doing a search on V5 on the product website. You should also check out their education materials, there is a ton of great info there.

Thank you very much Foster

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Compound gearing would also help. Also in your program set the motor tourqe to 100%

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