How to make your robot perform 2 actions at once during autonomous

Is there a way to make your robot perform 2 actions at once in V5 C++? Many robots I’ve seen seem to do 2 things or more at once during autonomous, for example the 3rd place skills team (2775V) seems to intake and drive simultaneously in the autonomous part of their video. Does anyone know how to do this? It would help with shooting/intaking in autonomous, both for normal match and for skills.

In v5 blocks, you can click an arrow on some blocks that adds “and don’t wait” to the block, which would allow the robot to do multiple things at once.

I asked for it to be in V5 C++, but thanks!

I’ll show you some of my code later today if I remember and it will explain a lot of your questions. I was in the same spot as you when I had no idea how to code and nobody would help me, just send me pointless links that make no sense.

Something you’ll learn about this forum is that nobody actively helps you, you simply have to do your own research to learn things. A lot of people are also very secretive about their code.

I’m only helping because I know exactly how you feel and I’m fully able to get you started, that way you can improve your code yourself rather than searching for answers.

What you are looking for is called multithreading (or multitasking) and can be found a lot on this forum, the topic I used to figure it out was when I asked a similar thing a while ago Having two things run at once - #5 by 7996B

To find more topics, you can just search with the key words of “multithreading” or “multitasking”