How To Mate Pillow Bearing To C-Channel

I cannot get my pillow bearing block to mate with any metal. How do you guys attach the bearing?

Pictures would be helpful. Thanks!

I assume you are using Jordan’s CAD library. Open up the part and create the iMates yourself.

Okay :slight_smile: I was just confused at first why I didn’t see any.

Um…? What did I say wrong? (:))

The reason that there are none is because the pillow block already has round holes, so mating using Insert constraints is easy. However, I had still planned on adding iMates to parts that already had round holes, just to make it even simpler to see how to connect things.


Nothing, I was being juvenile (and I deleted the post)

Edit: Perhaps that explanation doesn’t belong on vexforum. I forgot that vex in is in elementary school now too.

Jesse, I’ll pm you (although you probably got the email anyway)

Okay, but for some reason, I could not mate the rounded holes to the metal. I will try again later.

Yea, I get it now :smiley: I edited my first post.