how to move to v5

how would you go about switching from cortex to v5? this goes for how would you go about buying the equipment, what would you do with your old v4, and how would you transition from robotC to either PROS
or VCS?

As of now, V5 is unavailable to buy at the moment. I am not sure if the trade-in program still applies after it is opened for buying again.

I believe that the trade ins are only frozen, and they will be reopened once V5 is available. Also I think that the trade ins will close at the end of each season.

I think they said previously that trade ins were over mid-Dec and they weren’t going to extend that regardless of issues. That may no longer be the case, considering the… excess… of issues though!

At this point, I would never recommend trading anyway - keep the cortex “just in case” so that if (cough-when-cough) you have v5 issues at least you can build SOMETHING.

I completely agree. We have had only a few teams that are switching to V5 (even though we finally got motors and have the potential to switch finally) because, firstly, most of the robots (bar a few, including ours) cannot be switched without much redesigning and secondly, we have had a lot of V5 issues and some people do not want to run the risk of things such as the white screen of death during a competition. Our robot was poorly designed because we have huge wheels and a heavy base, causing motor locking. This has been solved by V5, but we still were very successful in competition with legacy systems.
@mikethememe Despite if your organization has already ordered v5 or not I would not suggest trading in. I would instead have a good design and practice a lot, because skill and competence on the field will beat even the most ingenious designs.